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Mission & Vision



Read and Right’s central mission is to contribute to the dismantling of racism through lessons of equality, inclusion and representation. We believe that exposure to diverse literature in elementary school classrooms fosters more accepting and tolerant attitudes for future generations. While the foundation of our mission is to end anti-Black racism, we do not tolerate hate or discrimination of any kind.


Read and Right is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that donates books featuring Black leaders, pioneers and protagonists as well as children of different races working, playing and learning together in harmony in order to encourage positive conversations about race. We recognize that diverse literature needs vary depending on the demographic makeup of each school; because of this, we target our donations to best fit the students and their classrooms.
Read and Right's efforts are centered around grade levels PK-5 in the Atlanta Public School System, but we aim to also make a difference in schools needing exposure to equality and representation across Georgia.

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